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Boston Chinese Language Solutions is a translation agency located just outside of Boston, MA that specializes in communications solutions for organizations with Chinese language needs. We provide written and spoken solutions, marketing consultations, and additional language services to help businesses and organizations reach their target audiences. 

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Unlike other large translation agencies that work in hundreds of languages, we only provide services in Chinese and English. This allows us to build a close-knit team that can work together to ensure the most accurate and culturally appropriate translations. Every person on our team can provide value to every project we receive.  Each member of our team has extensive experience living and working in both China and the U.S. It is our profession to stay up-to-date on the newest language trends in both countries so that your message can be delivered in the most accurate and effective way possible.   


 We will become your go-to experts on everything China-U.S. related. 


Most translation agencies promise a native speaker of the target language for each project. For Chinese <> English translations, we believe that this just is not enough. The only way to truly get the best possible translations is to have at least two native speakers: One of the source language, and one of the target language, working together to create the most accurate and nuanced language. So, this is what we provide. 

Our team is both the "East" and the "West" and our company is a borderless environment where we believe that only through greater collaboration can we be more successful. 

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Pricing in the field of translation can sometimes be very complicated. We aim to create the simplest, most transparent pricing options that allow us to contract top translators for every project, while still being able to provide services at a significantly lower price than our competitors. We will always be able to give you a set price before the project starts so that you can know your costs without any extra fees or surprises. 

We are also introducing a monthly subscription pricing model that allows our customers with consistent translation needs to get the best prices available anywhere, not to mention some extra benefits! 




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Who are we? 

We are a team of enthusiastic translators, interpreters, and business professionals that are dedicated to bringing the best language and consultation services to our clients. 

We are both American and Chinese. Every team member has experience living in both countries and has a deep understanding of the language and culture that drives each country. 

We work tirelessly with each and every one of our clients to ensure the message they want to convey is done so in the most accurate and efficient way possible. 

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Mission: Minimize the language and cultural barriers that international organizations face when working within the two most influential countries on the planet by leveraging our team's international experiences and bilingual abilities.

Team Leaders

Andrew Gildea - President

Andrew, a Boston area native, lived and worked in mainland China for over seven years in international sports management. He has a passion for breaking down the barriers that are created by language and cultural differences. Andrew has brought together some of this language pair's best LSP's to provide a professional, accurate, and trustworthy agency alternative for Chinese <> English language needs.  

Andrew Gildea


Zak Doyle - Director of Translation

Zak is an enthusiastic and professional translator who enjoys collaborative efforts in translation projects. He holds a master's degree in Chinese Translation from Milton Keynes University and nearly a decade of professional translation experience. Zak's expertise in collaborative project management and creative translation allows our team to provide the most efficient and effective translation solutions. 

Zak Doyle

Director of Translation

Lana Li - Director of Language Learning

A Chinese national from Guangdong, Southern China. Having grown up in a household speaking both Mandarin and Cantonese, languages have always played an important role in Lana's life. With degrees in International Nursing (English Program), Nursing Practice & Theory, as well as Business English, Lana has merged her language skills and medical knowledge to teach hundreds of foreign students the Chinese language at all levels from beginners to advanced students. 

Lana Li

Director of Language Learning