Education Language Solutions

Education Translation Solutions

We are passionate about supporting academic institutions of all levels in breaking down communication barriers with Chinese students, parents, and other educational institutions in China. Chinese people have significantly different perspectives from those of the U.S. when it comes to education. To have effective communication with anyone Chinese about education requires an understanding of educational background in China. Our linguists have experience in the educational systems in both China and the U.S., and can act as an objective ​bridge for your institution.

Language should never be a disadvantage to an individual pursuing knowledge. At Boston Chinese Language Solutions, we understand the importance of having a qualified linguist for every project, whether that project involves translating a foreign transcript or interpreting for a parent-teacher conference.

We translate a number of different documents for academic institutions including:

  • Flyers and outreach materials

  • Progress reports

  • IEP Meetings

  • Parent Handbooks

  • Registration forms

  • Online resources

  • Permission slips

  • Lunch menus

  • After school programs

  • Letters to parents

  • Transcripts

  • Curriculum materials

  • Email correspondence

Need an Interpreter? 

Education Interpreters

Boston Chinese Language Solutions' professional interpreters work with schools and educational institutions of all levels. Whether assisting in a parent-teacher meeting or a graduation ceremony, our interpreters remain objective and provide the most accurate interpretation. Having a professional interpreter instead of relying on a family member to interpret will ensure that the conversation flows smoothly and that everything is conveyed as accurately as possible. We provide interpretation services both on-site and remotely. Get to know our interpreters and our different interpretation solutions by clicking the button below.