Chinese<>English Interpretation service From Expert interpreters


Boston Chinese Language Solutions offers interpretation services for a variety of businesses, healthcare, and educational organizations. We have brought together the most experienced Chinese<>English interpreters to bring the highest quality language services. 

Interpretation Services

Boston Chinese Language Solution's interpreter team has experience across multiple fields including medical, business, finance, education, and government. Our team works collaboratively on many projects and has a team focus on neverending professional development. We work daily to become the most qualified and professional interpreting team in the nation. Whether you are looking for consecutive interpreting, simultaneous interpreting, or video interpreting, we have the professionals who will meet your needs. 







Boston Area Team Leaders

Andrew Gildea - Certified Medical Interpreter
Andrew Gildea
  • Certified Medical Interpreter

  • 8 years of working in bilingual education and sports settings

  • Sole interpreter from introduction to closing on successful $55m commercial property deal

Jenniger Meng - Chinese Native
Jennifer Meng
  • Chinese native with over 10 years of living and working in the U.S.A.

  • Over 15 years working in international business

  • Specialized in finance, law, and contract negotiations

  • Experience  as  interpreter for multiple Forbes 500 companies

Arthur Wang - Certified Medical Interpreter
Arthur Wang
  • Certified Medical Interpreter

  • ATA Member

  • 3 years of professional medical interpreting experience 

  • 5 years working as a lab technician