Legal Language Solutions

Legal Translation Solutions

Chinese<>English legal translations have been the source of many headaches for many individuals and organizations on both sides of the pond. It is said that nearly 5% of legal disputes in China are caused by an innaccurate translation. These often lead to significant financial losses to both parties. 

At Boston Chinese Language Solutions, we work only with language professionals who have at least 5 years of experience in legal translation. The bottom line is that if a translator cannot understand the meaning behind technical legal language, he/she will undoubtedly make mistakes. The nuances of legal language are difficult, and absolutely critical to any person or organization involved in any type of legal partnership or proceedings. 

Don't play fast and loose with your legal translations by going to a translation agency that will only leverage a machine translation tool and pass off the proofreading to a junior translator. Come to Boston Chinese Language Solutions and get the most professional and cognizant legal translation solutions available.

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Legal Interpretation Solutions

Boston Chinese Language Solutions legal interpreting services can provide a court certified interpreter on-site or conferenced into a phone call. Whether at a deposition, hearing, or trial, a professional legal interpreter can help you communicate with Chinese clients who have limited English proficiency. 

Employing a professional and court certified interpreter can also prevent future legal battles stemming from denial of access to justice due to language barriers. All our  legal interpreters adhere to the Interpreters Professional Ethics and Code of Conduct, which includes strict confidentiality measures and is solidified by a confidentiality agreement with Boston Chinese Language Solutions.