English and Chinese language Translation Service


Boston Chinese Language Solutions provides translation services for projects of any size between the English and Chinese languages. We have brought together the industry's best LSP's and work tirelessly to provide the most accurate and timely service possible. 


Professional Translation Services

Boston Chinese Language Solutions provides professional document translation services for clients in the Boston area and across the globe. We offer document translations across a large variety of industries including marketing translations, financial document translations, legal translations, and medical document translations.


We also offer personal document translation services for individuals who are required to submit certified translations for USCIS, college applications, employment purposes, and more. All personal document translations are handled securely and include birth certificate translation, academic transcripts and degrees, translation of passports and CORI forms.  

We assign two translators to every project we receive. One is a professional translator who is a native Chinese speaker, the other is a professional translator who is a native English speaker. We have found that it is only through this type of collaboration that the most accurate translation results can be produced. Our translators are rigorously tested prior to joining our team and must have a minimum of three years of experience in the particular field that the translation project falls in. 

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Legal Translations


  • Contracts

  • Patents

  • Birth Certificates

  • Adoption Papers

  • Marriage Certificates

  • + More...



  • Diploma

  • Transcripts 

  • Academic Research

  • eLearning Courses

  • Course Materials

  • + More...

Marketing Translations


  • Brochures & Catalogs

  • Presentations

  • Social Media Posts

  • Products/Packaging

  • Website Content

  • Email Marketing 

  • + More...

Mutli Media Translations



  • Subtitles

  • Video & Mobile Gaming

  • Television & Movies

  • Software

  • Visual Novels

  • + More...

Medical Translations


  • Clinical trials

  • Pharmacological studies

  • Scientific Journals

  • Questionnaires

  • Regulatory Documents

  • + More...

Translations service for Real estate
  • Purchase & Sale

  • Proposals

  • Rental Agreements

  • Property Deeds

  • Commercial Lease

  • + More ...


Translation service for Businesses


  • Business Plans

  • Sales Forecasts

  • Market Analyses

  • Annual Reports

  • Insurance Documents

  • + More...

Translation service for Government Documents


  • Immigration Documents

  • Passports

  • Police Records

  • Background Checks

  • Bank Statements

  • + More...

Translation service for IT


  • Manuals & User Guides

  • Technical Documentation

  • Online Help

  • License Agreements

  • Terms of Service

  • + More...

Technical Translations

Technical document translation services are usually intended for a specialized technical audience. Technical translation is a type of specialized translation of technical documents like owner's manuals, user guides, patent applications, CAD Drawings, etc. The tasks involved in the translation of technical documents are complex and challenging. Since most of these projects fall outside the normal skill sets of ordinary translators, we hire certified technical document translators for these projects. These projects will be slightly more expensive than generalized translation projects due to the specialization of the translators, but we still aim to be the most affordable agency in the industry. 

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